This is my first year attending CSU…

This year is my first year attending CSU. On the weekend of the first football game this year I was raped by another freshman in the dorm I was living in. He kept giving me alcohol and then brought me back to his room. He started kissing me, fingering me, licking all over me, and then raped me. I was a virgin. He never asked if anything was okay to do to me. I was too drunk to stop it. After he came I left to go to the bathroom and realized my keys to my room were in his room. I went back to get my keys and he told me “Is it bad if I’m horny again” and then raped me a second time. I passed out in his bed. When I woke up I could not remember anything from the night before until I found blood in my underwear the next morning, the same pair I had been wearing the night before. My mind was flooding with memories of the night prior. I sat on my floor sobbing. Later that night I spend 6 hours in the emergency room feeling being asked a thousand questions I could barely answer, being swapped over every part of my body, have pictures taken of me, and getting several shots and medications. I shut off my emotions. I couldn’t even remember his name when the nurse asked. It was like I was a science experiment. For the next several weeks I couldn’t stand myself. I felt repulsive and gross. I covered myself up everywhere I went.

It was my second weekend in college.

– Anonymous