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Course Description: This course is designed to train participants to serve as volunteers on the university’s confidential, 24-hour hotline. Through the course, students develop knowledge about types of interpersonal violence, develop helping skills such as active listening, and learn about campus and local resources

  • 40-hour training. Offered in the Fall as a semester-long course and in the summer as a one-week intensive in the summer.
  • May take fall course for 3 credits or no credits. Summer class is non-credit only.
  • Open to all students, staff, faculty and alumni of CSU, as well as community members. Interest form required. See our involvement page for more information.
  • Those who complete the course are highly encouraged to serve as a volunteer on the VAT hotline.

For more information about please contact Kristin Middlesworth at Find the interest form here.

Course Description: This course is an academic course in Women’s Studies that will closely examine interpersonal violence (sexual assault, relationship violence, & stalking) in US culture. We will explore the role of identity in the ways that we as a society perpetuate and experience violence, and cover such topics as gender socialization, masculinities, pornography, media representation, rape supportive culture, and more. This course will also provide an opportunity for students to explore the impact that our culture of violence has had on their own lives and relationships.

  • 3 credits, offered in the Spring semester

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Course Description:  This course is an academic course in Women’s Studies designed to help members of the fraternity and sorority community learn about rape supportive culture, gendered violence, and issues surrounding sexual assault. The course is rooted in personal reflection and an investigation about ways in which the fraternity and sorority community is collusive in and resists the creation and maintenance of a rape supportive culture

  • 3 credits, Offered in the Spring semester 
  • Open only to members of a registered sorority or fraternity at CSU. Application required
  • Students who complete the course eligible to enroll in part II of the course

For more information about please contact Lindsay Sell at