In November of this year…

In November of this year, it will be five years since I was sexually assaulted. An individual could not take multiple nos for an answer, and he went after me. He was much stronger than me and I couldn’t stop him but waited for him to finish. If you guys have watched 13 Reasons Why, Hannah’s sexual assault was exactly how mine happened. Hannah Baker’s story is my story, as well. My virginity was taken away when I wasn’t ready because someone thought I wanted it.
Even if I was walking nude, I was not asking for sex. When a woman says no to sex, it’s a no! This individual was not sent to jail because of lack of evidence. The pictures of the bruises on my skin and my torn vagina were not enough. I am sorry and this is hard for me to post, but I am tired of hearing stories of predators not being sent to jail. Another thing that bothers me is when we victims of sexual assault tell others our story and they view us as weak and fragile individuals. It’s nothing to feel ashamed or weak. I am not going to lie, you do feel like crap and taking your life away does seem like an option. I tried taking my life away twice. My family, friends, and most important God has given me the strength to bring myself up again. Ladies, we don’t stand alone! Be loud and be heard!

-Vanessa (she/her/hers)