I was about 14…

I was about 14 turning 15 soon and this boy I was talking to was about 18. We went out on dates and then became official. Unfortunately, he ended up raping me and the whole case went to court even though I did not want it to. I ended up losing the case and did not get justice. After a couple years, he did it again to another girl and I was called back into court to support the other victim. That victim did get justice and so in whole I felt like I did too but in reality I didn’t.
It’s hard to go through life with all this on your shoulders, it is. But the fact that I am still here is a sign that I should be here and I’ve been doing good. Am I more protective over family and friends? Yes, but I’ve had to come to terms with the fact that I can’t always protect them.
If you are a survivor – good for you and congratulations. You’ve gotten through 100% of your bad days and that’s what matters. You are showing yourself what you are made of and how strong you are.

– Jade